Antifa extremists take hold in Montreal as police look the other way

'Antifa is really a street gang in Montreal that's violent and they really rule the streets,' said Ezra Levant.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Rebel News journalist Alexa Lavoie joined the show to discuss her recent experience being attacked by Antifa extremists in Montreal.

While reporting from an anti-Israel protest in downtown Montreal, several masked Antifa demonstrators holding umbrellas charged at Lavoie aggressively. Lavoie had paint sprayed on her by masked protesters during the encounter.

Police stood by idly during the incident and according to Lavoie no arrests were made after she was assaulted.

Speaking about the incident, Levant said, "The police were standing there. There was one [person], he looks like a random stranger who tried to block Antifa, but the police were 10 feet away from you the whole time and they didn't do a thing."

"First of all that's assault. Second of all, this time it's paint and oil but next time it could be acid God forbid may it not happen. I mean, that is an assault. That's assault that's aggravated assault, that's assault with a weapon."

Commenting on the response from police to her attack, Lavoie said, "The police did arrest nobody. By the way I invite everyone to watch the full report, it's way more outrageous than you think."

"I was running towards the police officers pleading, I was like 'please help us' because I needed a presence, I needed a police presence to be capable to run away, to go somewhere else," she added.

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