The Arizona midterm elections are still enveloped in scrutiny — Rebel News is investigating

Maricopa County has been at the height of national headlines since election day on Tuesday when people went to vote only to be told by poll workers that the machines were down.

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With hundreds of thousands of ballots left to be counted in Maricopa County, there still remains to be a clear winner for any race both federally and at the state level.

Officials are accusing Maricopa County of counting Democrat-heavy precinct ballots first in order to try to get Republican gubernatorial candidate and front-runner Kari Lake to concede—but Lake announced that she will not be conceding until every legal vote has been counted.

The race has not yet been called for governor of Arizona, but decision desks and mainstream media are predicting that Lake’s opponent, Katie Hobbs, will be the next governor of Arizona. Since Kari Lake is currently trailing by a small margin, Conservative politicians and commentators say that Lake still has a chance as the majority of ballots left to be counted are reportedly from Republican-heavy precincts.

Now it is important to mention that Katie Hobbs, Lake’s opponent, is also Arizona’s secretary of state who oversees the state’s elections and has refused to recuse herself from her position which has only added further speculation.

As for Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters, he also announced that he will not concede to his Democrat opponent Mark Kelly, who was named the winner by mainstream media earlier this week, until every legal vote has been counted in Maricopa County.

Now Maricopa County has been at the height of national headlines since election day on Tuesday when people went to vote only to be told by poll workers that the machines were down. Machine malfunctions reportedly happened at more than 26 polling locations within Maricopa County.

On election night, lawyers requested for polling centers to stay open later since the machines malfunctioning disenfranchised thousands of voters. However, a judge denied the request leaving Republican voters infuriated as the majority of Republicans don’t participate in early mail-in voting and tend to vote at the polls on election day.

The entire world was watching Maricopa County’s incompetence during the 2020 Presidential Election, and now the same thing is playing out exactly as it did in 2020. Arizona voters who are infuriated with the way Maricopa County is handling the election protested outside the election center over their lack of transparency.

They question why Florida, which has a much higher population than Arizona, is able to determine the outcome of their elections on election night but Arizona can’t seem to do the same. Arizona’s elections are starting to resemble a third-world country’s as the county erected fencing around the property which is being manned by armed police officers. There is even a drone flying above the premises surveilling the public.

Maricopa County chairman Bill Gates, who is a Republican, has made controversial statements in the past about Republican candidates having to lose elections in order to get them to stop with conspiracies surrounding the integrity of the county’s elections.

But anyone with two eyes can see that the failures in Maricopa County only add fuel to the so-called “conspiracies.” In the most recent press brief, Bill Gates said that they are currently undergoing a “mandatory hand count” which should be able to demonstrate if the machines are doing an accurate job.

It’s still anyone's game here in Arizona and as the next ballot drop nears, Rebel News is going to stay on top of the chaos ensuing in Maricopa County.

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