ArriveCAN continues to haunt the lives of Canadian travellers

'They told me I shouldn't have come to Canada if I didn't want to fill out an app,' said Andrew Todd, a traveller returning to the country after years of being away.

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Will it result in airport delays, mandatory quarantine, a $6,000+ ticket or simply jail time? Several organizations like The Democracy Fund and the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom are challenging this issue legally. 

Today, another victim saw his Canadian freedom disappear. Andrew Todd had been out of the country for over three years, and when the pandemic began, he decided to stay in Vietnam as he saw Canada entering a near total lockdown.  

After this prolonged absence, Todd decided to return to Canada to see his family, and after a long flight, Andrew Todd arrived at Pearson Airport in Toronto. 

He decided not to download ArriveCAN as he did not agree with the terms and agreements. The interaction with the border agents was rather dry and directive, resulting in a fine of $6,255.  

Once again, another Canadian receives a hefty punishment for not complying with the requirement of this new mandatory electronic pass.

Watch video for full report.

Please sign our petition at and you can also donate to help our lawyers at The Democracy Fund so they can take legal action against this app.

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