Aussie sporting groups slammed for 'bending the knee' to transgender ideology

Women's sports advocate calls for fair competition in women’s sports as sporting bodies 'ignore the truth' about trans athletes.

Aussie sporting groups slammed for 'bending the knee' to transgender ideology
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Australian football journalist and advocate for women's sports, Lucy Zelic, has criticised the country's sporting organisations for failing to protect fair competition by permitting transgender athletes to compete against biological women.

Zelic accused organisations such as Sports Australia and Football Australia of disregarding the rights of female athletes. She argued that these governing bodies are "ignoring the truth" and "biological facts that are deeply rooted in science."

Specifically targeting Sports Australia CEO Kieran Perkins, Zelic criticised the former Olympic swimmer for labelling concerned individuals as bigots, calling his stanceso weak.”

In a letter to Football Australia CEO James Johnson, Zelic highlighted concerns about a NSW Women’s Premier League team featuringfive trans-identified males.She stated, "You don't have to be a medical practitioner to recognise that sex differences exist."

Zelic condemned the rapid adoption of gender ideology by sports organisations, saying it undermines the integrity of women’s sports. She expressed disappointment in Perkins, accusing him of dismissing legitimate concerns as bigotry.

Zelic’s letter to Johnson pointed out that many players, parents, and administrators are privately worried but fear public backlash. Football Australia responded, acknowledging the issue and promising a thorough consultation process involving sports science and high-performance experts.

However, Zelic dismissed their response as ahollow and feeble attemptto address her concerns. She insisted that existing legislation, such as the Sex Discrimination Act, recognises biological differences and aims to protect female athletes.

Criticising the International Olympic Committee, Zelic denounced their guidelines advising journalists to avoid terms likeborn maleorbiologically male,labelling it acommunist-styledistortion of truth.

Her comments follow American transgender swimmer Lia Thomas's failed appeal to compete in the Paris Olympics, with World Aquatics upholding a rule barring those who have undergone male puberty from women’s sports.

This decision, hailed by World Aquatics as a step towards protecting women's sport, underscores the ongoing debate in the athletic community.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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