Australia: Ex-cop “DISGUSTED” by police state in Victoria speaks out

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An ex-police officer in Melbourne, Australia has condemned his former police force for their handling of lockdown.

At last weekend's anti-lockdown rally, I ran into this retired officer who said he was a cop “back in the 80's and 90's when they used to punch on with crooks, not ordinary people.”

We talked about some of the latest outrages in the name of COVID-19 "safety":

Last week, Victoria Police arrested a pregnant mother at home in front of her children, and battered down the door a former ADF soldier.

Both were charged with "incitement" for posting about "Freedom Day" rallies in Melbourne and Ballarat.

This former cop told me, “We feel like The French Resistance in World War II sneaking out of our house.”

Some of the COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne include:

8pm curfew
One hour of exercise per day
No visitors
Stay within 5km of home to exercise

A six-month extension to the State of Emergency passed the Victorian upper house last week by one vote giving Police unprecedented powers including entering and searching homes without a warrant.

PS: Three hours after this interview, I was arrested for reporting at the Freedom Day protest. We're fighting this outrageous charge: HELP US fight for freedom at


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