WATCH: Avi Yemini confident as Supreme Court challenge concludes

The fight for access to Dan Andrews' press conferences continues

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The stakes have never been higher.

In an election year and after two years of government overreach into the lives of everyday Victorians, it's pivotal that politicians are held to account and face challenging questions from an independent press.

Yesterday the Supreme Court heard closing arguments in my challenge for access to Premier Dan Andrews' press conferences.

It was an important moment where the court heard the lengths the government will go to in an effort to be able to pre-select which journalists and media organisations can cover its political affairs.

Our legal team led by Will Houghton QC and Justin Quill did an amazing job of breaking down the arguments.

"There's two steps to this, they're claiming that decisions made about the parliamentary precinct by parliament can't be considered or reviewed by this court," said Quill, known in Australia as one of the country's best media lawyers.

"So if we get over that hurdle we get into the second step, that is, was the process that was undertaken appropriate? Did they afford you natural justice.

"They're the two hurdles, if we lose on the first point we don't get to the second, if we win on the first then the judge will look at the decision making process and whether that was appropriate."

Last year I was dramatically ejected from a public press conference by Victoria Police after a request was made by Daniel Andrews' personal staff member. Watch what happened below.

At the time, I had my Rebel News and official Australian government press credentials to verify his role as a journalist.

My application for a Parliament of Victoria media pass, initially made in March 2021, was denied without offering any reason on the 19th of July and after numerous follow-ups.

The judge's ruling is expected to be handed down in coming weeks.

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