B.C. health minister triggered by Rebel News report on Dr. Bonnie Henry

Health Minister Adrian Dix was hot and bothered in the legislature after B.C. United Leader Kevin Falcon reiterated his commitment to firing Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry.

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Health Minister Adrian Dix threw a hissy fit over previous comments from B.C. United Leader Kevin Falcon during discussion in British Columbia's legislature last week. Falcon spoke critically of Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry in an interview with Rebel News three months ago. 

“She won’t be working for us,” Falcon told Rebel News after I probed him on whether or not Henry would still have the same sweeping powers over British Columbians should his party form government this fall.

Despite B.C.’s health-care system being plagued with staffing shortages, Henry refuses to lift her COVID-19 vaccine mandate — preventing thousands of health-care workers from lessening the burden on hospitals and other medical settings.

B.C. remains the only province in the country to have such a policy in place.

Additionally, with substance abuse hospitalizations also straining the system, Henry is a staunch supporter of expanding the NDP government’s “Safer Supply” agenda, which gives free hard drugs to addicts and has correlated with record-high overdoses.

Nevertheless, when Falcon chose to ask the NDP government what science it's relying on to prevent COVID jab-free health-care workers from caring for patients amidst repeated emergency room closures in Northern B.C., Health Minister Adrian Dix chose to deflect by taking offense to the question.

He went on Rebel Media, Honourable Speaker, to attack the professionalism of Dr. Bonnie Henry,” said Dix. “British Columbians know Dr. Bonnie Henry is an outstanding scientist and an outstanding leader,” he added.

In today’s report, I discuss the heated moment in more detail and include opinions from leading viral immunologist and vaccinologist, Dr. Byram Bridle, who, after reviewing the reasoning behind Dr. henry’s lingering mandate, concludes the Provincial Health Officer is a “non-expert” on viral immunity.

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