B.C. health-care workers are taking the province to court to fight COVID-19 vaccine mandate

How has the government gotten away with eroding the medical freedom of Canadians over the past two years?

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On March 16, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), filed a petition in the Supreme Court of British Columbia to begin the process of suing the B.C. government for their COVID-19 vaccine mandates for health-care workers.

The legal action was filed on behalf of 12 frontline medical professionals who represent thousands of health-care workers who have been ordered out of work and forbidden from caring for British Columbians since last year, as well as the regulated health-care workers who have recently had the release of their personal vaccination status by March 31 be mandated by the province.

“We depended on these hard-working health-care workers throughout the first year of COVID and there were no vaccines available. To fire them from their jobs now because they exercise bodily autonomy or have objections to the vaccines based on their beliefs, is an act of two-faced hypocrisy and a betrayal of those workers who have sacrificed so much for Canadians,” stated Charlene Le Beau in a recent press release put out by the JCCF. Le Beau is counsel for the legal challenge which cites “violations of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms” and “violations of the right to informed consent, as well as violations of the health-care workers’ privacy.”

Watch my sit down interview with Le Beau as we discuss the case and how the government has gotten away so far with the rapid erosion of Canada’s medical freedoms over the past two years.

Despite the province of British Columbia losing more front line medical professionals to COVID-19 mandates than any other province, and experiencing high burn out rates and staffing shortages in their health care system, B.C’s provincial health officer has not made mention of considering revoking her health-care worker mandates.

That’s why Rebel News spent over $600 preparing 23 copies of the Let Them Care petition, which over 25,000 of you signed, to demand that the COVID-19 orders preventing all health care workers from caring for patients be dropped.

If you appreciate that at Rebel News, we don’t just fight to bring you the other side of the story, but that we also fight to defend civil liberties in Canada, please consider donating here to help recoup some of the costs for the petition and the costs to keep our journalism going strong.




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  • By Drea Humphrey

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