Behold, a human rights museum — that fails to uphold human rights

Watching this made me wonder — how did we get to a point where the Canadian Museum for Human Rights was willing to discriminate against its own clientele?

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The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is a beautiful building, from head to toe. This marvel rests in the heart of Winnipeg and is surrounded by an array of wonderful attractions, acting as a centrepiece bringing them all together. However, that building may be all that's left of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. As proof of vaccination comes for us all, so too has it come here.

Earlier this year, video surfaced of a protest at the museum, which involved a man attempting to pay for admittance. He was barred entry for not identifying vaccination status. Watching this made me wonder — how did we get to a point where the Canadian Museum for Human Rights was willing to discriminate against its own clientele? To hear from the man himself, I paid a visit to Winnipeg — and on the way, I saw that it wasn’t just the museum. Shops, restaurants, hotels, everything within the gaze of government eyes is now enforcing new vaccine orders.

Now even though I was denied services on account of what should be private medical information, I do feel for businesses in similar positions, trying to balance their survival under constant changes from the government. Many only adhere to public health measures over fears of government backlash, rather than the common line of “for your safety”.

I reached out to speak with the man who I had seen earlier in the year trying to pay for entrance to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. His approach was an attempt at “calling their bluff”, to see if he could get into the museum “without the segregation card in hand”. Police escorted him off the premises. In an exclusive video provided after, we hear a museum representative justify their actions, claiming they are simply following public health orders.

And so in a bid for normalcy, it was time I went to the museum myself, in hopes of finding out more and seeking regular entrance, however unlikely. As expected, I too was denied, greeted exclusively by security whose only ambitions were to ensure I was up to date on my vaccination status. For failure to showcase my private medical information, I was given no further options for attending the museum.

Luckily, security did pass along contact information and we reached out to those in question to find out more about their stance on public health measures, such as the vaccine orders. At the time we were still waiting to hear from them, but we have since garnered a response — that video will be coming soon. Check out this report to see what it’s like on the outside, as the unvaccinated. In our next report we’ll see what it’s like from the inside, where we’ll go over their email response to see what justifications they use in the pursuit of what some would call health measures, and others would call segregation.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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