Brazilians take to the streets after claims of a stolen election

Police join protesters in blocking off major routes after far-left leader is elected.

Brazilians take to the streets after claims of a stolen election
AP Photo/Andre Penner
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On Sunday Oct 30, Jair Messias Bolsonaro was marginally voted out of his Brazil presidency by far-left candidate, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Lula), who campaigned on a promise to prioritize climate action.

Video clips went viral earlier this morning that show Brazilians coming out in mass to protest the election results. 

It’s alleged that last night, protesters blocked access to Sao Paolo Airport. 

Shortly thereafter, it is alleged that Federal SWAT Police joined in solidarity with the pro-Bolsonaro protesters. 

It is being alleged that WhatsApp, a company recently purchased by META, is censoring service in the country to prevent coordination of protesters and police. 

YouTube is further censoring any allegations of election fraud in the country. It’s part of their community guidelines, after all. 

With the alleged help of military police, protesters further mobilized to block other major routes with cranes and farm equipment. 

They used construction vehicles, namely dump trucks, to haul debris to block roadways and start fires. 

Shortly after this viral thread was published and despite Twitter's election censorship policies apparently no longer being enforced, the initial tweet has since been locked and flagged as "misleading." 

The now former president, Bolsonaro, became more well-known on the global stage for his COVID response that went against the China-centric World Health Organizations status quo. 

He ignored calls for economically devastating lockdowns, promoted early treatment options, and criticized indiscriminate mandates – from masking to vaccination. 

Brazilians await address from Bolsonaro.

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