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Brilliant university professor put on leave over non-disclosed vaccine status

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Vaccine mandates being enforced Canada-wide have reached into seemingly every industry and type of employment, and it would appear that academia is no different. Respected professors, such as Sarah Plosker, Associate Professor & Canada Research Chair at Brandon University, are being targeted for not disclosing their vaccine status.

I had the honour of speaking with Sarah who is, in the humble opinion of myself & Ezra Levant (the big boss himself) one of Canada’s brightest intellects. She is certainly an example of an incredibly accomplished woman with a very impressive resume.

You’d think she would be applauded among her academic peers and colleagues, especially in 2021, in a country that considers itself progressive for women’s rights. Instead, she finds herself at a crossroads in her career, not knowing how things will turn out, all over one medical decision, which should remain private.

You know, when I speak to someone like Sarah, I can’t help but shake my head at how far this situation has gone in the past 20 months of what was supposed to be ‘2 weeks to flatten the curve’. How have we become this type of society, punishing hard working citizens who haven’t done anything wrong in their career?

Is this who you are, Manitoba, the once humble, prairie province that I’ve always known? 

All I know is, if Canada had more people like Sarah - not just book smart but also with strong critical thinking skills, as well as courage and integrity - we would be much better off. 

Citizens, are we going to allow people like Sarah to be bullied and coerced for a policy that isn’t even logical?

If you’re as disgusted with these vaccine passports as I am, will you please consider visiting where you can learn more about our legal fight against these policies? Please consider making a tax-deductible donation there, which goes to the Democracy Fund to help fight for good citizens like Sarah. 



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  • By Ezra Levant

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