TRAILER: C40 World Mayors Summit

Rebel News sent reporters Lincoln Jay and Katie Daviscourt to Buenos Aires, Argentina to ask the tough questions and to hold politicians accountable. Stay tuned for their reports.

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The C40 World Mayors Summit kicked-off in Buenos Aires, Argentina last week and Rebel News reporters Katie Daviscourt and Lincoln Jay travelled to Argentina to challenge global politicians and their insidious plans to implement identical policies in order to transition their cities into net-zero green economies.

Acting under the guise of the “climate crisis,” global mayors entered a pact called C40 Cities whose mission is to “halve the emissions of its member cities within a decade, while improving equity, building resilience, and creating the conditions for everyone, everywhere to thrive.”

This group of globalists cannot achieve their goals without an insane undemocratic power grab, and according to C40 Cities' most recent report, they want to control the food supply, air travel, private vehicles, and the private energy sector.

Globalists from across five continents convened to discuss their shady plans but Rebel News’ Daviscourt and Jay were on the ground challenging these self-appointed leaders and asking tough questions.

Rebel News was able to challenge C40 chairman/Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Mayor of Austin, Texas Steve Adler, Mayor of Phoenix, Arizona Kate Gallego, and government officials from Argentina. 

To follow Rebel News’ exclusive coverage of the C40 Summit, go to

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