Calgary police, public health again enter Fairview Baptist Church while services ongoing

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I returned to Calgary, Alberta for my third visit to Fairview Baptist Church. On my first visit with Keean Bexte, bylaw didn't hand out any tickets, nor did they enter the church. The second time I came to Fairview, police and bylaw entered the church and took pictures of the congregants gathered inside after the pastor, Tim Stephens, invited them into the building in hopes of maintaining a positive relationship with the government officials.

This week, the only difference was that some members of Fairview read the assembled police and public health officials section 176 of the Criminal Code, the portion of Canadian law that protects religious establishments from being disturbed.

When the Fairview members had finished reading that portion of the Criminal Code, police then proceeded inside. They were shown around the building, asked a few questions and took a few notes.

I wondered if the police had a warrant to enter the premises this week, but pastor Tim Stephens declined an interview this week. For now, it seems like church services will continue on to a full house at this Calgary church.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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