Calgary protesters CHARGED while politicians VACATION

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While politicians of all stripes were off breaking their own recommendations to avoid non-essential travel, leaving frozen Canada for warmer climes, Albertans all across the province were being fined for protesting the lockdown rules that the politicians themselves ignored.

Every weekend in Calgary, there's a protest at City Hall against the coronavirus lockdown measures that have closed thousands of businesses, limited worship and funerals, emptied schools and banned family visits. And every weekend, tickets are issued to the protesters for their so-called illegal gathering.

At the first Calgary lockdown protest of 2021 this Saturday, I ran into four people who were ticketed for exercising their constitutional right to protest.

I met Kim Davies and her friend, Penny Judson. They were both issued tickets for walking down the street with protest signs. Brian Dunbar got a ticket for not wearing a mask, from police officers who he claims were also unmasked.

Then there is Sha Li. Now, she's not an anti-lockdown protester, but rather an anti-Chinese communist government protester who is on the square every single week collecting signatures on her petition calling on the Canadian government to stop the spread of the CCP in Canada. She also received a ticket for being part of an illegal gathering.

I’m helping all of these people fight their fines.

If you or someone you know gets a ticket for doing something that was normal and legal just 10 short months ago, don’t pay it. Fight it. Plead not guilty, and send us the ticket at

It’s time to teach the government lockdown hypocrites a lesson in freedom.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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