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'Campaign promises are now segregationist public policy': Dr. Julie Ponesse

Dr. Julie Ponesse described how Canada, and Canadians, changed so suddenly, drastically and easily during the COVID pandemic.

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This past weekend, protesters gathered in downtown Toronto at Nathan Phillips Square for the 'Freedom Over Fear' rally.

One of the speakers at the event was Dr. Julie Ponesse, the former ethics professor who now, after being fired for refusing to take a COVID vaccine, speaks about the ethics of the pandemic for The Democracy Fund.

Ponesse lamented the division that government has helped foment in Canada during the pandemic, saying: 

Campaign promises are now segregationist public policy. Our government is moulding us to be divisive and hateful.

How did things change so suddenly, so drastically, so easily? How did we Canadians change so much, and so quickly?

It is my observation that we are facing a pandemic not just of a virus, but a pandemic of compliance and complacency in a culture of silence, censorship and institutionalized bullying.

For those interested in hearing from Dr. Ponesse about civil liberties, The Democracy Fund is hosting another Faith And Democracy series event where she, along with veteran journalist John Stossel, will be speaking.

Viewers in the Toronto area can get tickets attend the event in-person, or for those further away or would simply prefer to listen at home, virtual attendance is also an option.

Click here to learn more about the event or to purchase tickets.

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