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Canada making immigration even easier with a woke twist

Edmonton Sun columnist Lorne Gunter joins The Ezra Levant Show to breakdown his new story about woke adjustments to Canada's immigration and refugee process.

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When the term “open borders” is discussed, it's usually in relation to the streams of people flooding through the southern border of the United States. But the concept of open borders isn't strictly an American or even illegal immigration problem.

Canada's Liberal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is, according to a newly obtained story by the Toronto Sun, planning to heavily relax requirements on those attempting to immigrate into Canada.

The author of that story, Lorne Gunter, joined yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show to discuss what the Trudeau Liberals are planning.

Lorne explained the situation like this:

Basically, up until now you have to have shown to an immigration officer or then failing the immigration officers decision — you don't like the immigration officer's decision — you have to then show it to the immigration or refugee judge. You had to show them that you were under threat of torture, imprisonment, or death if you were sent back to the country that you'd come from. 

Now, you merely have to assert that it is your perception that you have one or more intersectionality claims. So age, sexual orientation, gender, political views, indigeneity — which was a word, it does exist, but I didn't know it existed until I got ahold of this memo the other day. There's a whole long list of these, as you said in the introduction, woke reasons why you should be admitted to Canada.

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