Canadian airports quickly abandon vaxxed/unvaxxed screening lanes

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Canadian airports recently began a policy of segregating travellers based on their vaccine status, separating individuals into vaccinated and unvaccinated lines for screening. The policy — which was quickly and quietly implemented — vanished almost as fast as it first appeared, with authorities claiming the project was not creating the desired efficiency increase that it was expected to generate.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra expressed his skepticism over this claim that the plan was abandoned simply because it wasn't creating more effective airports for travellers.

Discussing the rationale for the government's decision to discontinue these segregated lines, Ezra said:

Do you believe that airports and the federal government are against doing things inefficiently? Have you ever been to an airport?

9/11 destroyed any idea of efficient, logical air travel — I have never heard of a terrorist being caught in Canada or the United States by the security theatre at airports that we've had for more than 20 years. But I know a lot of people that have been groped, and billions of hours of time have been wasted, along with billions of dollars.

I think inefficiency is actually the point, so they need to hire more people. An entire government bureaucracy. Now add on top of that a layer of public health theatre — oh it's theatre alright, what, do you think it's science?

I'm not quite naive enough to think that these airport lines were cancelled because they were inefficient, just hours after they were deployed.

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