Canadian flag finally flying high — but why did it take so long?

David Menzies drops off more than 10,000 signatures at Justin Trudeau's office and is left wondering: why did it take so long for the prime minister to raise our flag?

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On the day before Remembrance Day, my cameraman Mauricio and I travelled to Ottawa. Our mission: to deliver a petition to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, demanding that the PM raise the Maple Leaf.

The good news: Canadian flags had actually been raised the day before. Yet we still wanted to make sure Justin knew that more than 10,000 of you signed our petition to get those flags flying high.

Indeed, the ostensible policy reason for flags at half-staff was to show solidarity with the Indigenous community regarding the remains of native children found at former residential schools. This was the same reason why the Justin Trudeau Liberals minted a new holiday, Truth and Reconciliation Day, for Sept. 30 — even though the PM promptly buggered off to Tofino, B.C., to go on a surfing safari.


Clearly, whether it is lowering flags or creating a new holiday, this is more about virtue-signalling and less about doing something tangible to improve the lives of natives (like, you know, ensuring there is clean drinking water on all reserves?)

As well, near the glorious National War Memorial, we met up with RCAF veteran Chris Semchuk (who, not surprisingly, takes a dim view of the PM... perhaps that has something to do with the fact that Trudeau thinks Canada’s veterans are “asking for too much” — even though there’s millions in the government kitty to pay off home-grown Islamists who suffer from hurt feelings...)

Chris accompanied us to the prime minister's office to deliver the petition. Hopefully this petition will make its way into the PM’s inbox. Hopefully the PM will change his behaviour in the future when it comes to Indigenous affairs and veteran affairs and lowering Canadian flags for months on end.

But we doubt it, because, sadly, this is a prime minister who simply does not care.

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  • By Adam Soos

PETITION: Raise Our Flag

11,515 signatures
Goal: 15,000 Signatures

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