Canadian Medical Association president-elect says COVID-19 mRNA vaccine injuries don’t exist

'They weren't real people most of the time, but they looked like real people,' claimed Dr. Joss Reimer.

Canadian Medical Association president-elect says COVID-19 mRNA vaccine injuries don’t exist
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Canadian Medical Association President-elect Dr. Joss Reimer said that injuries from COVID-19 mRNA vaccines don't exist in a presentation to her colleagues this week, invalidating the experiences of an unknown and growing number of Canadians.

Reimer, the current Chief Medical Officer for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, created a presentation in which she argued that those who believe in vaccine injury are influenced by images of vaccine-injured patients, rather than actual cases.

“While I wouldn't say a lot of people knew people who had had bad outcomes with the vaccine, they’d all seen pictures of people. They weren't real people most of the time, but they looked like real people,” she said.

As of January 2024, the Trudeau government has had to pay out more than $11 million to families of those who were injured or killed by the vaccine via the Vaccine Injury Support Program. The program has budgeted a total of $75 million in funding for the first five years of the program, Blacklock's reported in January.

In February, the Global Vaccine Data Network published its largest COVID-19 mRNA vaccine study to date, analyzing data from 99 million vaccinated individuals across eight countries. The study identified links to 13 medical disorders, including conditions affecting the blood, brain, and heart.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also detected a seizure risk in toddlers who received mRNA vaccines.

“And so they saw what looked like these young, healthy people who had these severe outcomes, and so it felt like they knew people who had had severe outcomes from the vaccine, even though most of them were not true,” claimed Reimer.

“Misinformation or disinformation spreads way more easily than true information, because it is emotional, because it offers simple explanations."

“So while I have to go through and explain how mRNA works and how mRNA does not hang out in your body, and what spike proteins are, you don’t need any of that if you’re not bothering with the truth. You can just come up with whatever simple explanation you want.”

“It also gives people definitive answers, so when science is saying ‘we think delaying the second dose is better’ they just hear ‘this is harmful, this is helpful.’"

“And false stories just spread incredibly fast," she continued.

In April of this year, Health Canada confirmed that the Pfizer vaccine had in it a cancer-causing DNA segment called SV-40.

Adding to the list of harms detected in the vaccine, Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo called for the halt of mRNA vaccines, citing data from Ontario showing "billions of DNA fragments per dose" in both Pfizer and Moderna's shots.

Reimer also mentioned the "disinformation dozen," a group identified by The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) as having profited from spreading false vaccine information during the pandemic.

“Prior to the pandemic there was a group of people that had been referred to as the 'disinformation dozen,'" said Reimer.

“It’s 12 people responsible for 60% of all anti-vax material online. I think it’s a lot more than 12 now, there’s a lot of money in vaccine disinformation. But those 12 people are very wealthy now and continue to do that work to generate more disinformation and generate more money," she said.

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