Canadian Taxpayers Federation launches legal challenge against CBC over executive bonuses

'The CBC is required to follow the access to information laws. But at least in this case, they're blatantly breaking the rules by keeping this information from taxpayers,' said Franco Terrazzano.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Franco Terrazzano of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) joined the show to discuss the CTF's legal challenge against the CBC.

Mr. Terrazzano explained that the CBC is withholding information about executive bonuses from the public. The CTF recently filed a legal challenge with the Office of the Information Commissioner to force them to disclose these numbers.

Speaking about the legal challenge, Mr. Terrazzano said, "We want to make the CBC finally come clean with taxpayers and tell us, how much in bonuses is Catherine Tait taking? How much in bonuses paid for by the taxpayers are their senior executives taking?"

"And you know what's even worse than all of this Ezra, the fact that the CBC confirmed to our lawyer that they have the records on the bonuses being paid out to the senior executives," he said.

"So they have the numbers, they are just stonewalling the release of the information to the public, to the taxpayers who are paying their salary," he added.

Speaking about CBC CEO Catherine Tait, Mr. Terrazzano said, "But here's the big thing right. You have Tait who gets more than a billion dollars from taxpayers every year to fund the CBC, and Tait is still claiming that they are chronically underfunded."

"So at a time when they're begging for more cash, claiming that the cupboards are bare, in all likelihood you have these CBC executives still handing out taxpayer-funded bonuses and that's completely wrong," he concluded. 

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