Canadian Taxpayers Federation reveals 2024 'Teddy Waste Awards' for worst government waste

'This was our 26th annual Teddy Waste Awards where we give golden pig trophies to politicians and bureaucrats who go above and beyond in wasting taxpayers' money,' said Franco Terrazzano.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Franco Terrazzano of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) joined the show to discuss the 2024 "Teddy Waste Awards."

The "Teddy Waste Awards" are given out annually by the CTF to shine light on the worst instances of government waste.

Speaking about the awards, Mr. Terrazzano said, "Let's start with the federal government waste winner. CBC President Catherine Tait handing out $15 million in bonuses at the CBC in 2023."

"Remember in 2023 just before Christmas, Tait announced hundreds of layoffs all while begging for more taxpayer cash," he said.

Mr. Terrazzano also discussed the winner of the provincial "Teddy Waste Award," explaining that "This year's winner went to the Alberta Foundation of the Arts."

"They spent $30,000 flying a Lethbridge artist to places like South Korea and New York. Now in New York you see one of her paintings and I think it could be best described as ants on a poptart," he said.

"Then she went to South Korea and the performance, if we can call it that, essentially just looked like her wapping around on a futon for like eight minutes. And what do taxpayers get out of this? Well we get a $30,000 bill courtesy of the Alberta Foundation of the Arts," he added.

The municipal winner of this year's "Teddy Waste Awards" was the city of Regina. As stated by the CTF, "Regina spent $30,000 rebranding Tourism Regina to Experience Regina. But after facing backlash, the city scrapped the rebrand. And Regina taxpayers are out $30,000."

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