Canadian-Ukrainian community rallies on Parliament Hill to protest Justin Trudeau

“It is hypocrisy,” said a Ukrainian when addressing Justin Trudeau’s decision of exempting a turbine from the Russian sanctions.

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Recently, Justin Trudeau decided to send a turbine to Europe to be used for a pipeline originating in Russia. 

Indeed, Trudeau sent a repaired turbine for the Russian compressor of the Nord Stream pipeline, which sparked outrage online from Ukrainian communities worldwide, as they wished for countries to implement more strict sanctions on Russia. 

Ukrainian President Vlodymir Zelensky stated that he believes this decision will be seen as a sign of weakness by Putin. 

Trudeau answered the public by saying that “[they] took this difficult decision to be there for our allies, to ensure that in Europe, not just governments but populations stay steadfast and generous in their support of Ukraine.”

Commenting on the issue, Zelensky said the following: 

“If a terrorist state can squeeze out such an exception to sanctions, what exceptions will it want tomorrow or the day after tomorrow? This question is very dangerous.”

Therefore, to show their discontent for Trudeau’s decisions, which are beginning to alienate both the left and the right wings of the political spectrum, the Canadian-Ukrainian community organized a rally on Parliament Hill. 

On Facebook, around 280 people said they were interested in participating, and 80 confirmed their attendance. On that day, on the Hill, less than 100 people gathered. 

Rebel News was also in attendance to report on the event and interview individuals there. 

“I heard we have our reserves,” one young woman said. “If we tapped into our reserves, we wouldn’t need to use Russian oil.” 

When asked about if Canada should start becoming self-reliant when it comes to energy production, one of the main speakers at the event said that “yes, [she] thinks so, as it will help the country’s sovereignty.” 

One man was also dressed in a clown attire

To see what most people had to say, click here to watch the full video-report.

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