Canadians repeatedly inflated their COVID vaccination status to federal pollsters

Pollsters cite 'social desirability' as one of the reasons for the discrepancy in poll responses, inflating the numbers shown by official health data.

Canadians repeatedly inflated their COVID vaccination status to federal pollsters
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Canadians lied to federal pollsters about their COVID booster status, according to a Privy Council Office memo obtained by Blacklocks Reporter.

The memo, “Considerations On The Discrepancy Between Booster Dose Uptake,” showed that 68% of Canadians responded favourably to having received a booster shot during a time that official health statistics showed a 55% uptake rate.

One reason cited for the discrepancy was “social desirability.”

“Respondents tend to answer questions in a manner that will be viewed favourably by others,” the memo said.

Social desirability came during a time when Canadians faced immense pressure and coercion tactics from the government and employers to comply with COVID-19 vaccine mandates to remain gainfully employed, travel and partake in social aspects of society.

Other reasons for the discrepancy could include the intent to be vaccinated or having an appointment booked.

“The most institutionally mistrustful are less likely to participate in surveys and they are the least likely to be vaccinated,” it furthered.

The same memo pointed out that Canadians inflated their vaccination status during other polls, too.

In the spring of 2021, during the initial rollout of COVID vaccines, the “proportion of respondents who indicated they had received a vaccine was roughly 20 points too high,” according to the memo.

Similar findings happened in the summer of 2021 when the “proportion of respondents who said they had received two doses was 10 points too high.”

Canadians escaped the revolving door of novel injections after years of propaganda and industrial strength mind control techniques were pushed on them.

Booster and subsequent dose uptake have been low ever since.

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