Cancel Culture Database to track cancel culture incidents in universities?

Jennifer Kabbany joins William Diaz-Berthiaume to discuss The College Fix’s recent initiative, the creation of a Cancel Culture Database, to keep track of cancel culture incidents on college campuses.

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The fall semester is beginning shortly in universities all across North America. Cancel culture has been raging on college campuses over the past few years, including speakers being denied the opportunity to speak simply because leftist students feel triggered by their beliefs. 

The College Fix, a student-driven conservative newspaper based in the United States, recently released what they call a Cancel Culture Database, to attempt to keep a record of cancel culture incidents that occur on college campuses. As of August 30, it had around 1,500 entries.

Jennifer Kabbany, the editor-in-chief of The College Fix, joined Rebel News’ William Diaz-Berthiaume to discuss the outlet’s database as well as the issue of cancel culture in general. She has been working at The Fix for many years, and initially released the database in September 2021. 

“We wanted to chronicle all the memory holing, cancellations, shut-downs, everything that has been silenced or censored over the last decade,” she explained.

“When we launched in September 2021, we had little over 1200 entries, now we’re up to 1575 entries,” she added. 

Kabbany explained that most of the time, when one reads a headline in the news, it is easy to forget. Which is why she claims she launched this database. 

“We won’t forget,” she stated. “We will make sure that this Orwellian effort is tracked and we will be the original truth tellers.” 

Kabbany also addressed the fact that Canada is not immune to this movement. 

“We have an entry, which is the University Laval that suspended a professor [for] two months because all he did was question the efficacy of vaccines for children,” she pointed out. She expressed her outrage over the incident, pointing out the fact that this dissuades public debate and discourse, which can have an enormous impact on our society. 

Finally, Rebel News and Kabanny discussed ways for conservative college students to fight back against this phenomena, and continue to thrive in college. 

For more about the phenomena and the database, watch the interview here.

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