Cancelled surgeries showcase the tragic costs of government lockdowns

'The pandemic didn't do that. Politicians did that.'

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed a new report highlighting some of the tragic costs of government lockdowns over the last two years.

29,000 Canadians have died from COVID over the past two years. That’s a lot. But not really — it’s a bit higher than the number that die from the flu over the same period of time.

But according to this new report, a half million surgeries — including cancer surgeries — have been cancelled. Do you doubt that those missed surgeries killed, or will kill more than 29,000 people?

And that’s just surgeries.

A recent article on the topic from The Globe and Mail reads as follows:

The number of surgeries performed at Canadian hospitals fell by more than half a million from March, 2020, to June, 2021, according to a new report that highlights the collateral damage caused by the pandemic.

Commenting on this, Ezra said: "I'm gonna stop you right there brother — the pandemic didn't do that. Politicians did that."

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