Why can our politicians never condemn antisemitism without adding 'all forms of hate' too?

Ezra Levant was joined by Candice Malcolm of True North to discuss rising antisemitism in Canada following the deadliest attack on Jews since the Holocaust.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by Candice Malcolm, founder and editor-in-chief of True North, to discuss the evils of antisemitism following the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.

The conversation kicked off with Ezra bringing up a tweet by Candice that sums up the hypocrisy involving in equivocating over antisemitism. 

At the height of Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, we were told that it was unacceptable to say "all lives matter" because the movement sought to address grievances specific to the black community. 

In 2023, with synagogues being firebombed, bomb threats against Jewish day schools, and death threats being made against Canadian Jews — we are told to condemn "all forms of hate." 

None of our political leaders seem to be able to condemn antisemitism wholeheartedly without appending other forms of discrimination, usually Islamophobia, to their comments. Why?

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