Couple who refused to go to quarantine hotel after service trip FINED $12,000

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A few weeks ago, Rebel News visited the small county of Norfolk to speak to the Lambs, a married couple who were given over $12,000 worth of fines when they arrived at Pearson International Airport. Carol and Grant Lamb refused to be tested (again) at the airport as they both had negative COVID-19 results from Guatemala, and they also refused to be put in the dreaded quarantine hotel, resulting in four separate fines for this small family.

Through their charity Power At Work, the Lambs travel to Central America multiple times a year to teach underprivileged children valuable skills. They teach nutrition, help collect clean drinking water, host sports and community meals, and train them in woodworking so they can build beds. Soon they will even teach welding so the kids can repair their own bicycles.

We spoke to Jenna Little, the paralegal handling both Carol and Grant’s fines, since we’re covering the cost of their legal fees through our civil liberties project, Fight The Fines. Thanks to the generosity of Rebel News viewers, we’re able to help people like Carol and Grant Lamb, and thousands more.

For refusing to be subjected to more COVID tests, Carol and Grant each received $1,800 fines, on top of $3,600 dollar fines for refusing to go to the COVID jail. It doesn’t make sense.

The Lambs have dedicated their lives to helping needy children, but instead the Canadian government wants to redirect the Lambs' financial resources back to Big Brother.

$12,000 dollars is a lot of money — that is why it’s so important that we continue to help families like the Lambs fight these fines, at no cost to them. By making a donation to Fight the Fines through our partners at The Democracy Fund, you are eligible for a charitable tax receipt! That means a donation of $100 only costs you about $80. Visit to help the fight.

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