Catholic school board rejects flying Pride flag... only to fly one anyway!

Sneak play! A motion to raise the Pride flag by members of an Ontario-based Catholic school board was recently defeated, but the board is displaying a Pride flag nevertheless.

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Last Tuesday evening, an "emergency meeting" was convened at the Mississauga, Ontario-based Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board (DPCDSB).

Some emergency! The meeting was all about ramrodding through a proposal to raise the so-called Pride flag. Yes, at Catholic schools.

Needless to say, the ideology of the rainbow flag runs contrary to the Catholic faith. Besides, surely the Canadian flag is inclusive enough for all Canadians? But even on a Catholic school board, it would appear that some are pursuing a woke radicalized LGBTQ agenda.

But common decency and family values prevailed. The proposal to display pride flags was defeated by a vote of 6-3.

Alas, for those planning on celebrating, hold your horses! Even though the motion to fly the Pride flag was democratically voted down, the wokesters at the DPCDSB did not accept defeat. A rainbow-coloured flag is now occupying Exit C of the board’s headquarters! Talk about sore losers!

Rebel News ventured out to the board's Mississauga HQ to investigate. That’s where we encountered Bruce Campbell, the spokesman for the DPCDSB. As he frog-marched Rebel News out of the publically-funded building, he said that it was perfectly okay for the board to display the flag indoors as opposed to flying the flag from an outdoor flagpole. Really?

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, we shall keenly watch in the days ahead how trustees and parents will react to what looks to be a literal backdoor attempt to display the Pride propaganda flag. We suspect that another standing-room-only meeting might take place at the next board meeting given the way the will of the people is seemingly being subverted.

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