CBC Takes to Snapchat to Promote Sex, Drugs and Polygamy

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Warning: This content contains subject matter that is not suitable for children, no matter what the CBC thinks.

The CBC has a weird sexual obsession, and they are pushing it on children.

Away from the prying eyes of parents, and on a popular platform called Snapchat (that virtually only kids use), the CBC’s tone changes dramatically when parents aren’t watching. Like a predator alone with a child, they are publishing some of the most asinine, immoral, and objectionable content I have ever seen, much less ever expected from our state broadcaster.

We know that the CBC has a penchant for establishing a deep-seated bond with the children of Canada. It has been part of their long term battle to stay relevant to future Canadians.

By starting young Canucks out with “progressive” propaganda programming like CBC Kids News, the CBC clearly hopes they'll develop a dependence on them over time, as THE news source.

It is no different on Snapchat, an image sharing program with a user base composed mainly of children and young adults. This is the platform the CBC choses to publish stories about sex, drugs, and sex while high on drugs.

The CBC's Snapchat social media team seems to have a particular fetish for stories about polygamy, and stories explaining to your 13 year old daughter how to treat a hallucinating meth user.

On this episode of Counter Signal, I’ll share some of the raunchy, nasty, and even dangerous stories that the CBC is delivering to your kids’ phone screens — and I’ll tell you, step by step, how to stop it.

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