CBC Panders to Pharma in Recent Child Booster Marketing Ploy

The Canadian state broadcaster backed public health's endorsement and promotion of COVID-19 boosters in children in a recent Q&A. The endorsement regurgitates pharmaceutical industry marketing and industrial strength propaganda techniques, but fails to mention that there is no safety data to back up the recommendations.

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The Canadian State broadcaster, CBC, has recently featured a child-focused Q&A session with Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Theresa Tam

Dr. Tam endorsed novel mRNA boosters for children and promoted Big Pharma's marketing campaign as safe and effective.

The Q&A session started by suggesting that children could receive their flu and COVID-19 boosters simultaneously, a practice known as concurrent administration, despite no data on this being safe, or effective.

It also emphasized the benefits of vaccine boosters by utilizing superhero euphemisms.

This approach is similar to previous marketing campaigns targeting children seen in Toronto and in New York.

Rebel News challenges claims contained within the Q&A of vaccine safety by cross-referencing publications by Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) adverse events, and underreporting issues.

NACI states that "there is no evidence specifically in pediatric populations" on the safety or immunogenicity of concurrent administration, and that there is "limited data" on the reactogenicity of concurrent administration in children and adolescents.

The manufacturer’s own product monograph states that “no drug interaction studies have been performed.”

Deanna McLeod, founder of medical research firm Kaleidoscope Strategic, emphasizes the need to protect children from pharmaceutical interests and advocates for higher safety standards.

"Children have their whole lives ahead of them. Those are called ‘quality life years,’" she says. "If you injure a child when they are young, that comprises all of those quality life years. That’s a real concern. You want to make sure that your safety standards are higher, that you do extra testing."

Using respected figures like Dr. Tam to convey credibility and trustworthiness is a well-known propaganda tactic, which makes the targeting of vulnerable demographics like children even more concerning.

Moreover, as early as May 2020, it was documented that COVID-19 had a fatality rate of 0.06% in the 0-17 demographic.

None of the above was mentioned or acknowledged in the CBC article, or by Dr. Tam.

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