WATCH: Charges DROPPED against Aussie lockdown protest pioneer

Victor Tey reflects on his court battle and the ongoing fight for freedom after Australia's COVID-19 lockdown protests.

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Lockdown protest pioneer and Christian community leader Victor Tey shared his reflections on his prolonged legal battle and his current political activities.

Tey gained attention in September 2020 as a Sydney pastor who protested against the stringent COVID-19 restrictions by exercising his right to outdoor workouts while holding protest signs.

This act of defiance led to multiple arrests and charges, despite his efforts to comply with the restrictive regulations.

However, Tey revealed to me in an exclusive interview that, after everything he's been through, the charges against him have now been suddenly dropped.

"The police decided that it was no longer worth pursuing any further, and they just decided to withdraw the charges. It's all over now," Tey said.

Rebel News' Fight The Fines campaign, which crowdfunded legal defences for Australians unfairly targeted over COVID-related violations, played a crucial role in Tey's battle.

Since his protests, Tey has ventured into political activism, running as a candidate for the Libertarian Party, formerly known as the Liberal Democrats.

He stressed the importance of political engagement, urging Australians to participate in the political process to effect legislative change.

"We can't expect that things will change just overnight," Tey said. "There needs to be a sustained pushback."

Tey's latest political move underscores his commitment to civil liberties and dedication to challenging government overreach and advocating for freedom in Australia.

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