Climate extremists stall Melbourne traffic with more disruption to come

Extinction Rebellion intensifies its city-wide protests, disrupting peak hour traffic flow frustrating Melbourne commuters.

Climate extremists stall Melbourne traffic with more disruption to come
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The normally bustling traffic of Melbourne was brought to an abrupt halt this week, due to a strategically planned protest by Extinction Rebellion.

The climate extremist group has continued its dramatic escalation in activism throughout the city, leaving motorists frustrated by the radical protests.

Tuesday morning saw protesters descending on the Kings Way exit from the West Gate Fwy in the heart of Melbourne's Central Business District. The blockade commenced around 8.45am, throwing the morning commute into chaos.

According to Andrew Crooks, a spokesperson for the Victorian Department of Transport, the roadblock resulted in standstill traffic for nearly three quarters of an hour.

"Initially, the protest only blocked the ramp for roughly a quarter of an hour, yet the ripple effect resulted in significant delays," Mr Crooks commented.

The spokesperson revealed that traffic bound for the city on the freeway was delayed for about 45 minutes.

"Police initiated the reopening of lanes shortly after the clock struck 9am and traffic conditions began to improve quickly," he added.

Nonetheless, even with police intervention, several lanes remained blocked until 10.30am. 

Extinction Rebellion's tactics have increasingly led to major inconveniences nationwide, and the group shows no signs of backing down, with additional demonstrations planned for the week.

This incident follows the pattern of the group's recent protests, which have been witnessed in other Australian cities such as Canberra, Sydney, and Adelaide, establishing a nationwide trend of disruption in their push for extreme climate action.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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