Comedy's a tough job and government comedians are the worst

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Comedy is a tough way to earn a living. The industry is full of comedians who just aren't very funny — it's the reality of the business. In a country as large as Canada, there are a very small number of comedians who “make it” and earn enough money to build a successful career.

There is one group of comedians in Canada, however, who do earn a nice, steady paycheque — the comedians from the state broadcaster, the taxpayer-funded CBC smash-hit This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

On yesterday's Rebel News DAILY Livestream Ezra Levant looked at some of the top-quality jokes put out by 22 Minutes on Twitter, and pointed out how all of their “jokes” tend to come at the expense of those who aren't signing their cheques — Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party.

Speaking about the focus 22 Minutes places on jokes about anything other than Justin Trudeau, Ezra said:

But the ratio of jokes — and they're not allowed to talk about deeply embarrassing or hurtful things to the Liberals.

They're not allowed to talk about Rose Knight, the woman who was sexually assaulted by Justin Trudeau in Preston, B.C. They're not allowed to talk about Celina Caesar-Chavannes, the black woman who was fired by Justin Trudeau. They're not allowed to talk about Jody Wilson-Raybould, the indigenous justice minister who was fired by Justin Trudeau. 

So when you're not allowed to talk about the government's worst failings — which is where the humour is, showing the contradictions, mockery — when you're not allowed to mock the powerful because you eat out of the hand of the powerful, you get increasingly desperate. So you mock conservatives because you know that'll please the boss.

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