Conservatives meet in Laval for the French language leadership debate

The debate was like a real rollercoaster, as all six candidates for the leadership of the CPC went back-and-forth.

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The French language debate is an uncomfortable moment for most of the candidates for the Conservative Party leadership. The event took place at the ‘Château Royal’ in Laval, Montreal.

All six of the candidates were present that night: Patrick Brown, Roman Barber, Scott Aitchison, Leslyn Lewis, Pierre Poilievre and of course Jean Charest. The debate was like a real rollercoaster between Mr. Charest, Mr. Poilievre and Mr. Brown.

As for language skills, candidates did better than expected and the night went well.

In the audience we were able to hear a lot of support for Mr. Charest.

For most of the people present that night, lots of them came for Mr. Poilievre or Mr. Charest. The questions asked that night were really focused on federal issues, but also on Quebec's provincial view of the French language issue. At the end of the night, only two candidates offered themselves to the media scrum.

The first one was Mr. Charest, and afterward came Mr. Brown.

Both received some question from Rebel News, including from my colleague Lincoln Jay.

Don't forget to have also a look at the question asked by Lincoln Jay to Patrick brown that night by clicking here!

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