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CONTEST: Find David Menzies while wearing 'The Menzoid' t-shirt

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In case you've missed it, the Rebel News Store had a fantastic new t-shirt released that's for sale right now.

And to promote that wonderful design, Rebel reporter David Menzies has issued viewers a challenge: find him somewhere — a protest, on the street, wherever — while you're wearing The Menzoid t-shirt, and he'll give you $100. 

That's right, make more than double your money back just for wearing a t-shirt.

On a recent Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Menzies issued the challenge to viewers, saying:

I'm going back into the old-time radio days. How about this, Sheila, as an offer: the first Rebel News viewer I see on the street that comes up to me with this shirt, I am going to give you $100. You might not think that's a lot of money, but folks, that's a lot of money to me. I'm not a millionaire, I'm not even a thousandaire, OK, last time I looked at my bank balance.

So if you buy one of these shirts, you have a chance of more than doubling your money.

Rebel News DAILY Livestreams air Monday–Friday at noon ET/10 a.m. MT right here on across all of our platforms.

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