Controversial Chilliwack school trustee gets blasted by American comedian JP Sears

Sears walked his viewers through some of the district's Vice Chair, Carin Bondar’s online commentary including her stating 'boys having sex with boys and girls having sex with girls is completely natural' while wearing a 'legalize everything t-shirt.'

Controversial Chilliwack school trustee gets blasted by American comedian JP Sears
Facebook/ JP Sears and YouTube/ Carin Bondar
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It has become increasingly common for strong conservative commentators in the United States to shed light on dark doings being normalized across Canada.

It's as if such voices feel compelled to serve Americans a warning: "If it can happen in Canada, it could happen in our country too."

The latest addition to the international caution list is none other than Chilliwack British Columbia School District 33’s Vice Chair, Carin Bondar 

Bondar, a self-proclaimed "biologist with a twist," was the primary subject of popular conservative comedian and author JP Sears’ "JP reacts" video, published on multiple social media outlets on Tuesday.

"Is this a lady we need to protect kids from? I would say so," Sears said toward the beginning of the reaction video.

Sears says he objectively considers Bondar to be a "sexually perverted woman" and takes issue when said "sexual pervert" helps determine the education of children.

As Vice Chair of the board, Bondar plays a key role in governing the district and developing school policies and plans that are supposed to reflect community goals and values for the kids they serve. Yet, as previously reported on Rebel News, Bondar appears to take no issue with the possibility that the same kids she is meant to serve could come across her engaging in explicit activities in publicly available YouTube content.

"I honestly don’t understand how she ever got voted in," Barry Neufeld, a former SD33 trustee and former colleague to Bondar, told Rebel News. Neufeld currently awaits the outcome of a defamation case Bondar brought against him for referring to her as "a strip tease artist" after taking issue with how Bondar has publicly presented herself online and her influential role over children.

Neufeld says he saw Sears' reaction video first thing this morning, and it "made my day." He added that he "would NOT trust Bondar to vote to protect kids. Her motto is 'Legalize everything.'"

The motto Neufeld is referring to was also brought up during JP’s reaction to some of Bondar’s many provocative animal sex talks. In one clip, Bondar can be seen wearing a green t-shirt that says "legalize everything" while saying, "boys having sex with boys and girls having sex with girls is completely natural."

In response, Sears stated, "I can think of many things, especially involving children, that should not be made legal."

If, like JP Sears, you share concerns about the sexual agendas targeting kids in schools, you can inform others about what’s happening behind school doors by sharing reports found at

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