WATCH: Convoy driver PERSECUTED while real criminal walks free

Freedom Truck driver, Paul Offe, will finally get his day in court as he faces up to 40 years in jail, years on from the Covid-19 lockdown madness.

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At the height of the anti-lockdown movement in February 2022, police escorted a truck to the Convoy to Canberra protest stage area in the nation's capital.

However, police then suddenly turned on the vehicle, shattering its windows and arresting the driver, Paul Offe. Locked up for two days and released on bail, Offe still faces six charges, including two counts of driving at police and reckless driving, with potential imprisonment of up to 40 years. His trial is finally set to begin on 24 June in the ACT Supreme Court.

Paul and his brother Michael Offe discussed the ordeal with me recently, revealing how years on from the Covid madness, they are still dealing with the fallout,facing such serious charges in prison time for what sounds like traffic offences.

Paul described the period as "a very difficult and long journey," noting the prolonged uncertainty. Michael added, "It just consumes so much of your life, trying to get some common sense out of the situation."

He emphasised that Paul's actions were safe and orderly during the protest, "managing to navigate a fairly big, heavy vehicle through a very large parade."

Footage from the event showed police smashing the truck's window. In stark contrast, another incident in Canberra saw a woman causing harm without facing severe consequences.

Michael expressed frustration at the disparity:

"It's just obviously two rules clearly for two different groups of people."

Paul's $200,000 truck has been held as evidence, with authorities attempting to seize it permanently.

"If they're successful with what they're doing with me, next time people want to stand up for what they believe in, who's going to do that?" Paul questioned.

Michael urged the public to remember the lengths the state went to during the COVID era to suppress dissent, stating, "They're only going to keep trying to take and take and take."

Paul's trial is keenly anticipated, with many watching to see if justice will prevail for the protester still entangled in legal battles years after the event.

Supporters can follow Paul's case and contribute to his defence fund through the websites and

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