RAW: more convoys on the way as RCMP move in and a legal update from the trucker lawyer

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44 SWAT team vehicles and an RCMP helicopter dispatched against the trucker convoy in Alberta.

Rebel News has crowdfunded a lawyer to help the truckers and de-escalate the situation.

According to Chad Williamson, who is now consulting the truckers, says RCMP is no longer negotiating.

Chad details the current situation and what the police have told the truckers. He says police have indicated that they will seize equipment and that they will re-open the highway.

Despite the police blockade and threats, the truckers have maintained their front. Some even chant as they await the RCMP to make their move.

So far no charges have been laid and the RCMP has temporarily retreated.

The truckers at the border are issuing a call to the RCMP to come back to the negotiating table. Chad Williamson, the lawyer we’re crowdfunding, makes a good point: moving hundreds of big rigs in the middle of the prairie winter would be quite a feat.

Rebels Sydney Fizzard and Kian Simone are on the scene, documenting the fast-moving situation as it develops. To help fund legal assistance for the truckers, visit TruckerLawyer.ca. To see more of our coverage of the Freedom Convoy itself, go to ConvoyReports.com.

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