'Couldn't this have been done over Zoom?' | Lewis Brackpool from UN Climate Conference

Rebel's U.K. Reporter Lewis Brackpool is on the ground at COP26 telling the other side of the story.

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The great hypocritical gathering in Glasgow has kicked off, with leaders from across the world assembling in Scotland for COP26 — the United Nations Climate Conference.

Naturally, given that the world's leaders are stressing the necessity of cutting back on emissions (while travelling aboard high-emission vehicles, with massive entourages, to attend the conference) Rebel News wanted to provide on the ground coverage.

So, Rebel's U.K. reporter, Lewis Brackpool, hopped aboard an economy class flight — unlike the private jets climate hypocrites flew in on) and travelled to Glasgow to tell the other side of the story.

Lewis joined last night's edition of The Ezra Levant Show to provide an update on what he's seen and done since the conference kicked off on October 31.

Lewis told Ezra there's been one question he's been asking people on the streets of Scotland, and wondered why these elites think these summits are anything more than a show:

The question I've been asking people on the streets is “couldn't this have been done over Zoom over two weeks?”

You know, when you care so much about the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions. I mean it could have saved quite a lot if you cared about it that much.

These world leaders could just stay at home like we've been doing for two years, why couldn't they have done that? But it seems to me like their idea of these world leaders coming together and speaking about it is some sort of tremendous act of goodwill, which I don't see personally. I just see it as you practice what you preach.

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