BREAKING: Coutts blockade supporter found guilty on charges

James Sowery was found guilty of dangerous driving and assault with a weapon, after attempting to leave Coutts blockade demonstrations.

BREAKING: Coutts blockade supporter found guilty on charges
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Last year tens of thousands of demonstrators showed their presence at the Coutts blockade, a peaceful protest against Covid-19 vaccination mandates and restrictions.

James Sowery was one of these people, until an incident on February 14, 2022, when he was leaving the Coutts demonstrations near Milk River to return to work and noticed an officer on the road up ahead who had pylons positioned on the highway.

RCMP say this was a checkstop, but Sowery didn't assume such, as the officer wasn't out of his vehicle until Sowery was just passing by, at which point Sowery claims he saw the officer wave him through.

As Sowery was passing through the checkstop, he hit a pylon, saying he heard a noise which concerned him, with specific focus on the front left of his large truck. Sowery said he slowed down to check it out when he noticed flashing lights behind him. Sowery said he stopped the vehicle and got on his knees and put his hands up.

The officer at the checkstop and his RCMP colleagues say that the officer was visibly shaken by the event, as he says he was extremely close to Sowery's truck as it passed by. Sowery was charged with dangerous driving and assault with a weapon.

On March 20, Sowery's five-day trial by jury began and today the jurors came to a decision. The jury found Sowery guilty of both charges.

An appeal is expected from the defence on this matter, but for now Sowery must face the jury's decision.

Sowery is being represented by The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity. To support his legal defence with a tax-receipt eligible donation, visit

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  • By Ezra Levant

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