Cowardly Ontario Solicitor General won't enforce existing laws

Ezra Levant looks back on his encounter with Ontario Solicitor General Michael Kerzner, who dodged accountability when it comes to enforcing pre-existing laws against anti-Israel protesters.

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Earlier this week, Rebel News boss Ezra Levant confronted Ontario Solicitor General Mark Kerzner during a community solidarity rally after a Toronto Jewish girls' school was shot at on the weekend.

At the event, when pressed, Kerzner refused to take any accountability for a lack of prosecution against aggressive anti-Israel protesters.

On Wednesday night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra reflected further on the encounter with the solicitor general — and his failure to take action.

Instead of giving answers, Kerzner attempted to shift the blame to the Trudeau Liberals and federal Justice Minister and Attorney Genearl Arif Virani. This, Ezra said, was Kerzner's attempt at passing the buck:

What on earth does the federal attorney general have to do with policing in Ontario, or prosecutions in Ontario? The answer is nothing. 

I think the lamest part was his attempt to play the Jewish card on me. He proudly wears his Jewish yamaka on his head, he goes to synagogue. Alright, well thanks for that irrelevant personal update, save it for your diary.

I mean, good for him, I guess. But what does his personal religious practice have to do with his duties as the solicitor general? I'm not coming to a press conference to grill him on his personal religious beliefs, I actually couldn't care less.

Am I supposed to be somehow mollified, satisfied, with the carnage on our streets and university campuses simply because this guy said he's a really good Jew? How about being a really good solicitor general?

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