CPAC attendees talk about Australia, Iran, Ukraine and more

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In this final video from CPAC, I bring you interviews with Florida Senator Rick Scott on his thoughts on Ukraine, and how America should be energy independent, which includes building the Keystone XL pipeline.

I also spoke with Mercedes Schlapp, one of the CPAC organizers, is also know as a former White House Director of Strategic under Communications under President Trump. In my interview, we touched on the Canadian truckers and Keystone XL, and she said that “the left is obsessed with climate change — that's their religion.”

Scott Presler, who has been doing a lot of voter registration for the Republican party, says that Joe Biden made his job “exponentially easy” with his continued crises across the board.

Bryan E. Leib from of The Iranian Americans for Liberty talked about how the Iranian people are the biggest victims of the Iranian regime, and how the regime has been funding terrorism access the world, and how the Biden administration has been ignoring it.

Sky News contributor Daisy Cousens pointed out how different Florida is from Australia: “...being in the free state of Florida has made me realize how completely behind and backwards it is when it comes to COVID [in Australia].”

And finally, the last thing on the list at CPAC was God Bless The USA sung by Lee Greenwood.

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