Craziest Trudeau government photography expenses revealed ($900 on photos of sheep?)

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Stroking the Liberal’s over inflated egos doesn’t come cheap! A new order paper response reveals that Trudeau and team have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on outside photography services in the last two years.  

The order paper question, from Saskatchewan Conservative MP Corey Tochor asked:  

“With regard to government spending for photographers or photography service contracts since January 1, 2019, broken down by department or agency: (a) how much was spent; (b) what were the dates and duration of each contract; (c) what was the initial and final value of each contract; (d) what were the details of all events or occasions for each contract.”  

The results by ministry reveal spending as high as a quarter million dollars at two ministries alone 
Fisheries and Oceans had outside photography expenses in excess of $263,000 and Parks Canada under the leadership of Catherine McKenna, Canada, spent nearly $235,000 on photography, including $900 to purchase five stock photos of sheep.  

McKenna’s other agency, Environment and Climate Change, blew $23,000 on photography. However, the ministry wasn't paying photographers to capture the beauty of Canada; rather, they were buying stock photos for pamphlets and social media. 

McKenna also had Global Affairs to hire a photographer to capture her visit to the UN. That vanity project came with a $5,300 bill. Global Affairs, including McKenna’s UN fees, spent $45,000 on photography, most of which was put towards pictures of official residences for Canadian diplomats.  

Health Canada spent nearly $10,000, with the bulk going to photography to support the Healthy Canadians Instagram account which features very few actual photographs.  

Veterans Affairs spent nearly $32,800 on photographers, about a thousand dollars shy of the cost of Airforce Captain Kimberly Fawcett’s prosthetic leg that the VA refused to pay for.   

Not included are Trudeau’s photographer costs. He has his own fulltime in-house shutterbug dedicated to taking totally spontaneous pictures of the PM pretending to be on the phone.  

Stroking liberal egos is pricey business.  

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