Critical race theory is a 'rejection of the civil rights movement' | Samuel Sey

Blogger Samuel Sey joins The Ezra Levant Show for a discussion on the flaws of critical race theory.

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The topic of critical race theory has risen to prominence in recent years, with the concept gaining popularity among those on the liberal side of politics. In the United States, for example, 49 Democrat senator's voted to support the concept being taught in schools.

And, much like the U.S., critical race theory is popular with Canada's left-of-centre politicians.

Ghanian-Canadian blogger Samuel Sey, who shares his thoughts on the subject and much more at, joined a recent edition of The Ezra Levant Show to share his thoughts on critical race theory.

Samuel told Ezra that he thinks that not only is critical race theory a bad idea, it's counter to the civil rights movement and Western society as a whole:

This is the thing about critical race theory. Critical race theorists only use America's history with racism and slavery as a way to manipulate people into buying into their idea.

It's not really a response or a reaction to slavery — it's really a rejection of the civil rights movement, right? Which is why critical race theorists oftentimes talk about how much they hate race neutrality or colour blindness.

It's because they're not really trying to address America's history, they're trying to reject America's founding principles, which also includes Canada's founding principles as well.

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