David Menzies Goes Undercover | Andrew Says 95

David Menzies joins the show to discuss the ongoing saga of an alleged transgender teacher in Oakville who causing controversy due to their haggard appearance, as well as the latest trials and tribulations of Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown.

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David 'The Menzoid' Menzies joins the Andrew Says set to discuss his recent viral videos regarding the Oakville teacher saga, where an alleged transgender teacher is causing controversy due to their haggard appearance.

As well, the Menzoid discusses the trials and tribulations of Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, who recently suffered from a set of leaked selfie-photos, in which he is alleged to be seen shaving his chest.

Behind the RebelNews+ paywall, learn the frightening origin story of Menzies' hat, based on frightening a member of the CBC news team. As well, get the extended footage of Andrew Says going to Oshawa, and getting hung up on by a city councillor who says he doesn't "believe in right-wing media."

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