“Disgusting disappointment:” Yahoo Nation says Ford has to get Ontario going

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Queen’s Park protest #7: Once again, “Yahoo Nation” converged upon the grounds of the Ontario Legislature.

Once again, they vented their frustration that the province Doug Ford proclaimed as being “Open for Business” way back in 2018 is apparently one of the least economically-free jurisdictions during this day and age of the Wuhan virus. (Remind us again: Doug Ford is still a Conservative, right?)

And yet, as other provinces and other countries embrace economic freedom, Ontario isn’t budging nearly as much as Ford’s base would like. The Coronavirus Cops and the Pandemic Police continue to hand out tickets to everyone ranging from an ice cream truck driver to a skateboarder to park goers. Enough is enough!

During my visit on Saturday, I asked demonstrators what still-closed service they miss the most. Is it going to a restaurant or bar? A sports event? A place of worship? Perhaps getting a manicure or a massage? Or how about a haircut even? Incredibly, all those activities are still verboten in Ontario, even though the slogan on those new whiz-bang licence plates proclaim the province as being “A place to grow.”

Naturally, Premier Ford says he wants to open the economy more-so than anyone else. But even though he’s the man in charge, he’s still deferring to doctors and scientists and health experts who are advocating that he continue to apply the brakes to the economy. Besides, there is that alleged “second wave” of the Wuhan virus that is apparently going to strike any week now. Maybe. Perhaps.

Of note, as the Yahoo Nation protest was wrapping up, more than 1,000 people converged on the lawns of Queen’s Park demanding an end to racism and police brutality in light of the George Floyd incident. Riddle me this: given the lack of social distancing etiquette on display for this protest, will Premier Ford condemn these demonstrators as being “a bunch of yahoos” too? Or does the yahoo label only get affixed to certain protesters? 

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  • By Ezra Levant

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