Doctor invites public to tour COVID wards... then backtracks

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How many lies have the unelected, unaccountable health bureaucrats uttered in the name of Wuhan virus safety protocols?

Such as: “Two weeks to flatten the curve.” Yeah. Meanwhile, some 55 weeks later…

Or how about: “We’re all in this together.”

Yeah, if you’re in the public sector, you haven’t lost a single dollar in salary, nor have you been laid off a single day. But if you run, say, a retail store (and by that I don’t mean any of the privileged shops, such as Costco or Walmart), well, you are likely phoning Premier Ford’s Deco Labels company to order some new signs for your window display. Such as “Going out of Business” or “Store for Sale.” Yeah. We’re all in this together! I think that chestnut has actually killed off “the cheque is in the mail” as the most flagrant lie ever uttered.

But we have a new whopper, courtesy of the health bureaucracy. And it comes via Dr. Samantha Hill, the president of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA). You see, last week, Dr. Hill was on CP24 admonishing any free thinkers and skeptics out there who aren’t so certain that the Wuhan virus is the second coming of the bubonic plague. Check out the question she is asked and the answer she gives:

Did you catch that? Dr. Hill invites people to visit any of the COVID wards in the province to discover the truth. Again, let me quote the good doctor verbatim: “So, the people who are saying they don’t believe it, I invite you to take a tour of any of the COVID wards in the hospitals.”


So, I decided to take up Dr. Hill on her offer and book a tour of a COVID ward. I reached out to the OMA, and here’s what their spokesman, Aleks Dhefto, had to say: “Dr. Hill was speaking personally, saying she wished people could see how very sick patients are on COVID wards and how hard doctors, nurses and other health-care professionals are working to care for them. Every hospital has infection control and other policies around public and media access to their premises, and you would need to contact them directly for permission.”

Um, no, Aleks. She never said “wished.” She invited people to tour COVID wards, period, full stop.

By the way, I did reach out to Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital to book a tour, as was suggested by Aleks. I chose Sunnybrook because Dr. Hill gave this institution special mention in the interview. Guess what? I have yet to hear back from them. I guess I won’t be getting a tour after all. Shocker!

So, what have we learned, folks? Simply put, Dr. Hill is either a flagrant liar, or she was hoping nobody would actually take her up on her offer. And sorry, that was not Dr. Hill “speaking personally.” She said those remarks during a TV interview that was presumably watched by thousands of people.

Bottom line: as the saying goes, “Physician, heal thyself.” Because personally speaking, if Samantha practices medicine like she practices media relations, I think I’d rather go under the knife of Dr. Frankenstein than Dr. Hill.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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