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Dominion Voting Systems CEO is a DONOR to Justin Trudeau

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You've probably heard a lot of stories in the news recently about Toronto-based Dominion Voting Systems and something called The Great Reset.” 

What do these two stories have to do with one another? 

Well, as I reported, Dominion Voting shares an office — specifically, an office floor — with the George Soros linked Tides Foundation. But it's more than just that, the whole office building is a hive for leftist organizations. It also happens to be home to the organization started by Catherine McKenna before she entered politics; even Justin Trudeau's Parliamentary Secretary Adam Vaughan has his office there.

But this story is more than a few companies just sharing a building. Dominion Voting's founder and chief investor, John Poulos, is a donor to the Liberal Party of Canada.

But after announcing the opportunity for a reset, Trudeau has been gaslighting Canadians. He says that this is some grand conspiracy theory. His financial supporters, the ones who have backed him for five years now, are effectively partisan backers of the Liberal Party. And one of them just happens to be the person who wields an ungodly amount of power over elections both in Canada and abroad.

Donating to Justin Trudeau is not so different from donating to Joe Biden, their political ideology is effectively the same. They even reiterate each others talking points, like "build back better" — what seems to be a codename for The Great Reset. 

Is Dominion Voting Systems a trustworthy organization? Are they an impartial arbiter of elections? Well, the mainstream media says so, and we know how trustworthy they are.

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