Donald Trump likely to run in 2024 presidential election

'I think he is definitely going to be announcing on November 15,' said Rebel News' Katie Daviscourt.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant ShowRebel News' Katie Daviscourt joined Ezra to discuss whether or not Donald Trump will run for president in 2024 and the impact his decision will have on the political landscape moving forward.

As stated by Ezra, "It's going to be a real battle to the death, and we don't know who the Democrats are going to run. I don't think anyone believes that Joe Biden will run again. He's failing cognitively, not quite as spectacularly as John Fetterman, but there's no way that Biden will be the nominee."

He went on to say, "I can't imagine it being someone as unlikeable as Kamala Harris. I don't know. I mean who knows, maybe it will be a Hillary Clinton Donald Trump rematch."

Speaking about Trump, Katie said, "I think that Trump needs to actually watch what he says this time around because he's under a severe microscope, and he's the media's number one enemy. So anything he says, they're going to take and run with. And the Republican Party, they need to be united more than ever."

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