Doug Ford 'has something to hide' by dodging Trucker Commission: Jim Karahalios

The New Blue leader weighed in on the Ontario premier's attempt to avoid testifying at the Public Order Emergency Commission.

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Lawyers representing Ontario Premier Doug Ford are currently in a courtroom fighting a request from the commissioner of the public inquiry into Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's to testify at the hearing.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies was joined by New Blue Party of Ontario leader Jim Karahalios, who reflected on the premier's relationship with Trudeau and how close the pair aligned during the Freedom Convoy protest.

With Ford's lawyers arguing parliamentary privilege, Karahalios weighed in on the premier's defence:

From a purely legalistic [view], he's kind of using weasel words to get out of it.

It's true that the inquiry is not mandated to look into what the provincial government did with their state of emergency and the law they passed to deregister or rip away the licence of what was it, over 30 trucking companies that were at the protest that got deregistered from an order from the Ontario government from a minister, it didn't even go through legislation.

So, the inquiry is not going to look into the provincial emergency that was called by Doug Ford and the powers that he exercised.

So, that's true.

But what they're summoning him for is not to ask him what he did as premier in terms of provincial laws, they want to know what was his interaction with the federal government and police — city police, provincial police, the OPP — in terms of how to handle the situation.

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